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for R&D

To help companies stay updated with the latest trends in technology and materials

Digital Tools for R&D

The digital era has arrived and is changing the way R&D operates and manages the innovation process

We support you in doing this change accelerating the information gathering,
through our RD+ platform and custom digital tools for different R&D objectives.

rd plus

RD+ is the BTSDI digital space for research and experimentation, where you can share, explore and access cutting edge technology & materials updates, startups and multi-industries and market insights – a Showcase for the Future.

rd+ users and features

Corporates R&D who

need to be updated in a faster way

need to find specific and customized information

Supplier who

need to increase their visibility in their market

need to show their new offer to right customers

need to match their offer with targeted customers

need to reach new clients and partners

need to expand their view on adjacent markets

As Corporate

Targeted & qualified Suppliers

internal new product roadmap real time updates

materials, technologies research at fingertips

cross-industries contamination and knowledge

qualified R&D knowledge contents

As Supplier

Qualified and real time visibility

matching your offer with targeted corporates

multi industries audience

share your innovative offer directly to R&D

appear as unique

Clients Voice

"Defining CMF strategy and streams directions together with new materials proposals for accessories in automotive sector"
Automotive industry R&D user
"It’s a source for exploration, with new contents every week. Experience is enriched by social room and newsfeed"
Automotive industry R&D user
"Can’t wait to see more features"
Technology supplier user
“Fairs reports and overview are really an interesting opportunity"
Domestic appliances R&D industry user
“Lot of contents for exploration and tech transfer”
Babycare industry R&D user
“BTSDI guarantees the quality of contents”
Furniture industry R&D user
“I can create my own wish-list and save contents”
Automotive industry R&D user
“I can publish my contents and be visible”
Textile supplier user
rd+ Platform Gallery

Learn more about RD+

Join our community as Supplier or Corporate and immerse yourself in the acceleration of innovation processes.

Write us on or visit the website to reach RD+ platform and request a Demo. If you are already a member you can login from link below. Let’s future start!

rd+ Platform Gallery

Learn more about services

New products
and Experimentation

Tech scouting and suppliers qualification


Innovation Process Consulting




Who is on RD+ platform now?

At the moment we have 83 corporates, 35 qualified suppliers and 18 startups from our ecosystem. Join RD+ to be in contact with all of them!

What is the added value of being part of RD+?

Rd+ is a qualified members platform. It means that every member in the platform is certified and contacted by DI, and every information is verified. This allows you to move in RD+ environment with contacts that are committed and to increase the effectiveness of your experience

How do I have access to RD+?

RD+ is accessible by subscription. Whether you are a corporate or a supplier, you can have basic or full access to explore the platform at its best. Go to link or connect from here to gather more information or receive a Demo. If you are a Startup or a Knowledge center your access will be free of charge. Just write us an email and we will be happy to connect with you.

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