Companies need to build the capability and culture to innovate and impact the business. And they want to see the impact from those efforts, FAST.

Innovation Process Consulting

We help companies moving from strategy to execution

A brilliant strategy, blockbuster new product, or breakthrough technology can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there.

Execution is the result of thousands of decisions made every day by employees acting according to the information they have and their own self-interest.

Just aligning the whole company, it is possible to reach your goals.

strategy to execution

Consulting Services

New product portfolio management

BTS supports decisions for risk diversification in the new product portfolio, balanicng the distribution of new products in the pipeline based on the company strategy and the level of risk.

New product portfolio management

Product evolution framework

Every manager who’s in charge of new product development needs a clear process for matching user needs with technical features defining the evolutiopn pipeline of the product over time

Product evolution framework

A model that facilitates the identification of the evolution of existing products by:

intercepting new trajectories

facilitating the decision-making process at the board level

alignment between customer needs and product functionality

alignment of the various company functions on the future needs of new product development

Key Elements

Improve your new product development process and pipeline optimization

Custom made framework that fit needs and technical solutions to obtain the best outcomes

Anticipate the evolution thanks to patterns’ mapping

De-risk new product launch by knowing the delta between each generation

Comparing with one sight, the additional benefits between products to structure the new offer for the market

Innovation Process Consulting Results

Accelerating time to market

Accelerating time to market

innovation process

A common innovation process and language within different departments

operational efficiency

A new and improved operational efficiency

Reduced risk

Reduced risk of failure inherent in innovative projects

Balanced product / service portfolio

Balanced product / service portfolio for the future and incremental innovation

Thriving the culture of innovation

Thriving the culture of innovation evolve across functions

new solutions

Having acquired new behaviors that favor the generation of new solutions

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New products
Development and

Tech scouting and suppliers qualification


Digital tools For R&D

For R&D



In which industries you worked for mentioned services?

We play in 14 different industries and specifically we performed Consultancy services in the last year in Consumer electronics, Pharma, Machinery and Hard Industry.

What is the purpose and goal of a consultancy path?

Support our clients in developing and expand innovation capabilities and culture, to increase impact and act fast. Derisk the innovation process with new tools and a better internal alignment.

What is DI approach when working with corporate organizations?

We work close to the clients, being in constant contact with their team and creating a co-designed path to reach the results and create impact.

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