We act as your R&D outsourcing, for specific needs and recurrent insights

Tech scouting and suppliers qualification

Derisking your innovation

We help R&D and Innovation departments to be pioneers in their industries by identifying emerging technology and materials opportunities

We scout technologies and materials, strongly oriented towards tech transfer and cross-fertilization, including a costant focus on sustainability

We qualify the most suitable suppliers using to our specific criteria aligned with clients’ needs, and support companies in the following experimentation phase.

Tech Scouting Services

Technology and material scouting

Scouting of cutting edge technologies and materials that enable new product experiences and performances together with sustainability improvement opportunities

Technology and material scouting

Startup Scouting

Emerging startup scouting to gather opportuinites in time and facilitate innovation by the collaboration between startup and corporates

Startup Scouting

Suppliers Qualification

Qualification according to strict success criteria related to client need and internal process.

Direct contact with the suppliers and key information gathering with the aim to build an extensive network for the client

Suppliers Qualification

Tech Transfer

We use Tech Transfer principles to identify the newest and most effective opportunities in different fields, translating them into feasible and reliable solutions.

Tech Transfer

Tech Scouting yearly results references in some of our industries

We have achieved results for our clients and improved our ecosystem to develop innovative technological experimentations



Succesful scouted



Succesful scouted



Succesful scouted

Why are we differentiating?

We have strong and structured ecosystem of suppliers and manufacturers

We are flexible so we can shorten the lead time for qualification

We have skills on both design and engineering side

We have specific innovation tools & criteria that make us to guarantee the scouting results

We have a view on several market fields so we can make the difference!

DI Criteria

Establishing the score of a solution and/or stakeholder aligned to...

SCREENING - Client brief

Client brief

QUALIFICATION - Client competitors scenarios

Client competitors scenarios

EXPERIENCE - Client innovation mindset

Client innovation mindset

SELECTION - Project pipeline

Project pipeline

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New Product
Development and

Innovation Process Consulting


Digital tools For R&D

For R&D



In which industries did you perform the mentioned services?

We partnered with 20 organizations all over the world in the Innovation and NPD business. We helped 24 companies to de-risk their innovation process on 11 different industries, supporting them in developing new products, scouting new technical solutions for them and innovation process consulting.

What is the role of sustainability?

We consider Sustainability as an intrinsic requirement on which to base our scouting and innovation activities. Our qualification criteria allow us to frame a sustainable solution into clients needs of viability and feasibility

How do you qualify the scouting?

We use qualified tools, from AI based platforms to multi-industry fairs and events for direct contact. Our solutions are specifically tailored to your company’s business context and strategy –not just any company. We identify the right mix of ready-to-go and custom elements to help your R/D and product managers receive the maximum value. We developed precise qualification criteria mapping in details suppliers and startups. Contact us to discover our qualification criteria

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